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Advisory & Consulting Services

  • Advisory & consulting services for setting up of company or LLP in India.
  • Obtaining all licenses, tax registrations and local employment related licenses.
  • Start-up related services including Term Sheet and Investment agreements.
  • Professional services for corporate restructuring like Merger & Amalgamation (M&A), Listings, Company acquisition/ takeover including FDI, Joint Venture with or without RBI approvals.
  • Analysis and interpretation of holding, subsidiary, and associate companies.
  • Applicability and computation of payment of remuneration to directors and managerial personnel.
  • Applicability of insider trading provisions to acquirers and private companies.
  • Compounding of offences – process, implications and documentation; applicability of prohibition on forward dealings.
  • Board procedures (notice, explanatory statement, shorter notice, minutes, video conference, circular resolutions).
  • Conduct of meetings (including through e-voting and postal ballot) – procedure and documentation.
  • Appointment of cost auditors.
  • Computation of depreciation and net profits.
  • Computation of thresholds of net worth and turnover.
  • Consolidation of accounts.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Directors – formation of various committees, requirement of independent director, directors retiring by rotation and exclusion of certain directors, DIN, DSC and other requirements.
  • Directors, key managerial personnel, promoters – duties, liabilities and penalties.
  • Distinction between private and public companies.
  • Fast track exit (FTE) scheme.
  • Foreign companies and issuance of prospectus.
  • Interpretation of definition of ‘free reserves’.
  • Interpretation of definitions of ‘promoter’ and ‘control’
  • Investments, guarantee and security – procedure, requirements, prohibitions and documentation
  • Items to be passed only at board meetings.
  • Lending, borrowings and fund raising.
  • Loans to directors and persons in whom directors are interested.
  • Loans to senior management and employees.
  • Maintenance of registers, books of accounts and records under the new law – and procedure, documentation and filings for their shift.
  • Nominee directors – determination and appointment.
  • Office and place or profit – and its implications.
  • Payment of dividend (including interim) – applicability, criteria, and method of payment.
  • Process of winding-up.
  • Provisions relating to audit and auditors.
  • Provisions relating to deposits.
  • Provisions relating to merger and arrangements.
  • Related party transactions.
  • Rights and duties of directors.
  • Rights and duties of auditors.
  • Rights of minority shareholders (including class action suits).
  • Rights of stakeholders, other than shareholders.
  • Sale of ‘undertaking’.
  • Status of Indian subsidiary of foreign bodies corporate.
  • Independent directors – appointment, requirements, presence on committees, test of independence, duties, liabilities, responsibilities.