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Core Principles

We practice law in a customized and result-oriented manner. We understand that every client has their own personality, character, history, habits, issue, concern, and budget. An approach that fits one may be too slow, too expensive, or too disruptive for another. We want to understand your business, your goals, and your limitations so we can decide whether we are the best professional lawyers, chartered accountants and company secretary for you.

We know many clients associate the hiring of lawyers with negative events in their lives. We cannot control the external factors that sometimes require clients to seek legal advice; what we can do is try our best make the legal processes as comfortable as possible.The core principles of Preach Law LLP (“the firm”) are the ideology and thinking of the Managing Partner Advocate Mr. Krishna Kumar Mishra. We are trying to implement these principles in our day to day business routine and practice. We follow certain principles

The Transaction/Litigation Distinction is Artificial

We believe the distinction between litigation and transactional work, made at many law firms, is usually artificial. Profession like Personal & Family Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Employment & Service Litigation, Corporate Litigation and Intellectual Property Litigation are almost always the result of a poorly drafted document or an incomplete negotiation. Almost always the dispute can be traced to a document that was ambiguous, inconsistent, failed to define a key term, or simply failed to address an important issue altogether. Because, we are at home in the courtroom and the boardroom, we have the ability to facilitate transactions today that are least likely to become lawsuits tomorrow.