Relinquishment Deed

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Relinquishment Deed

Relinquishment deed is a legal document/instrument where a person legally or formally gives up or releases his legal rights of the said property being relinquished in the name of some other person. This is one of the modes of transferring rights of an immovable property. Tax laws put relinquishment under the head of ‘transfer’ and not gift. Hence, there are no tax benefits.

Advantage of a Relinquishment Deed: The chief advantage of a relinquishment deed over a gift deed is that it allows the transfer of a jointly held property. It can also be used for monetary compensation. A relinquishment deed allows seamless transfer if a property is owned jointly. It is commonly used when a person dies without leaving a will and the legal heirs end up inheriting the property.


  • A well efficient/competent lawyer from our team shall contact you, and explain you the total process, and will understand the need of Relinquishment of Deed for transferring your property by which are belong to you and shall be executed or relinquished by you.
  • Once the objectives of the relinquishment deed aredefined, the lawyer shall draft a sample Relinquishment Deed(RD) accordingly.
  • The draft RD shall be sent to you, for your review.
  • Once you approve it, it shall be served to the other party.
  • The whole process takes around 3-4 working days.