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Patent Landscape

Patent landscape is a survey of patents in particular given technological field that seeks to answer one or more business objectives. Parameters of patent landscape are defined by individual objectives of projects. Businesses can use patent landscape studies for competitive intelligence gathering with an endeavor to find out more about your competitors than they know about you. By analyzing patent holdings of competitors, their strategies and future products can be fairly identified. Therefore, it helps businesses to identify areas in which competitors may pose threat in the future and help them to refine their strategies and identify thrust areas for research and development (R&D).

Further, landscaping can help us understand the technology under evaluation from a market perspective. Patent Landscaping analysis can help strategically analyze the product depth of the technology and likelihood of overlap between competitor’s products and company’s patents. The following two types of Patent Landscape draft shall be prepared:-

1. Patent landscape Report:

A patent landscape is an analysis of patent data that reveals business, scientific and technological trends. Landscape reports typically focus on a single industry, technology or geographic region. For more information on how to use and create patent landscapes

2. Patent Landscape Search:

A Patent Landscape Search is a comprehensive search for patents in a given technical discipline. Essentially, this search is a deeper analysis of a State of the Art Search after completion of that search. A patent landscape reveals past and present activities of various entities in a given area of technology.

Our services include

Our skills and services in respect to Patent are described below:-

  1. Drafting Technology and Landscape Analysis Reports (LAR) on technology and market trends.
  2. Proposing and partnering on development of the right IP Strategy based on LAR’s.
  3. Identification of technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes.
  1. Identification of IP activity over the years.
  2. Organizing technology in a particular area.
  3. Develop future R&D strategies based on product and competitor analysis.
  1. Technology assessment and mapping
  2. Identification of innovation focus of companies, industries and countries
  3. Identification of patents related to competitors technology
  4. Identification of technology leaders and their IP strategies