Shareholder's Agreement

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Shareholder's Agreement

A shareholder’s agreement is an arrangement among a company’s shareholders describing how the company should be operated and the shareholder’s relationship, the management of the company, ownership of shares and privileges and protection of shareholders. Thus a shareholder’s agreement contains rights and obligations of shareholders of a company, and it also covers matters, governing the management and the structure, initial funding, as well as the administration and business activities of the Company.

A shareholder’s Agreement is a significant and useful document, because it provides a mechanism, for setting out the principles, upon which the shareholders or partners, in a joint venture agree to run their business.

Define rights: A shareholders agreement is helpful in defining the powers of a shareholder and the rights one obtains.


1. A well efficient/competent corporate professional/lawyer from our team shall contact you, and explain you the total process, and will understand the compliance of the ROC, and accordingly our competent lawyer or CS/CA shall be draft you’re Shareholder Agreement.

2. Once the objectives of the shareholder agreement are final, the lawyer or CS/CA shall draft a sample shareholder agreement accordingly.

3. The shareholder agreement draft shall be sent to you, for your review.

 4. Once you approve it, it shall be served to the other party.

 5. The whole process takes around 2-3 working days.