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Patent search & Filling


The Law of Patent is primarily governed by the Patent Act, 1970. The word “Patent” refers to a monopoly right over an invention only. Not all inventions are patentable nor it is essential to protect inventions solely through patent.

A government authority or license conferring a right or title for​ 20 years​, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

Types of Patent:

There are three types of patents:-

  1. Utility patents,
  2. Design patents, and
  3. Plant patents.

What types of inventions can be patented

The following inventions shall be patentable under Patent Act, 1970

1.      Biological Inventions

2.      Business Methods

3.      Carpet Designs

4.      Chemical Formulas or Processes

5.      Clothing Accessories and Designs

6.      Computer Hardware and Peripherals

7.      Computer Software

8.      Containers

9.      Cosmetics

10.  Decorative

11.  Hardware

12.  E-commerce techniques

13.  Electrical inventions

14.  Electronic circuits

15.  Fabrics and fabric designs

16.  Food inventions

17.  Furniture design

18.  Games (board, box, and instructions)

19.  Housewares

20.  Internet innovations

21.  Jewelry

22.  Laser light shows

23.  Machines

24.  Magic tricks or techniques

25.  Mechanical inventions

26.  Medical accessories and devices

27.  Medicines

28.  Msical instruments

29.  Odors

30.  Plants

31.  Recreational gear

32.  Sporting goods (designs and equipment)


Our Services

  • Patentability Search
  • Knock out Patentability Search
  • Infringement Search
  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Validity/Invalidation Search
  • Infringement/Non-Infringement Search
  • State of the Art Search
  • The Landscape Search
  • Patent Watch Search
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Patent Proof Reading
  • Patent Watch
  • Post registration support
  • Renewal assistance

Requirement of documents to file application

  • Application Form
  • Proof of Right to Apply
  • Provisional or complete Specification
  • Statement of Foreign Filing
  • Declaration as to Inventor-ship
  • 3D views of the product on various dimensions
  • Request for Early Publication
  • Request for Examination
  • Power of Attorney on Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100 (signed by all the inventors)
  • Certified Copy of Convention
  • Application, if required
  • Details of the inventors/applicant: Name, Nationality, Address

Steps involve in grant of Patent Certificate:

Step 1: 20-25 days

  • Patentability Search:
  • Patent drafting/pleadings; or
  • Complete package for Patent (Drafting/Non-provisional patent application)
  • Patent Filing

Step 2: Within 2-3 years of filing the first application:

  • Patent Prosecution:

 Step 3: After grant of the application:

  • Immediate filing statement relating to working of patent
  • Maintenance fee for 20 years, and our maintenance charge shall be borne by applicant.

Government fee on Patent filling: For filling patent application, please note that Government fee will be charged as per the type of Applicant. The details are given below:-

For Individual Inventors:

    • Filing fee: Rs.1600 for Individual Inventors
    • Request for early/pre-pone publication: Rs.2500 for Individual Inventors.
    • Request for examination: Rs.4000 for Individual Inventors
    • Other government charges will also be application according to the case scenario.

For small Scale company (MSME certificate)

    • Filing Fee: Rs.4000 for small entity company.
    • Request for early/pre-pone publication: Rs.6250 for small entity company.
    • Request for examination: Rs.10,000/- for small entity company.
    • Other government charges will also be application according to the case scenario.

For Large Scale company:

    • Filing Fee: Rs.8000 for Large Scale Company.
    • Request for early/pre-pone publication: Rs.12500 for large scale company.
    • Request for examination: Rs.20,000 for large scale company.
    • Other government charges will also be application according to the case scenario.