Food Adulteration and Legal Metrology

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Food Adulteration and Legal Metrology

Food Adulteration and Legal Metrology

FSSAI is an abbreviation used for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI license is mandatory before starting any food business. All manufacturers, traders, and restaurants, involved in the food business, must obtain a 14-digit FSSAI registration or license number printed on the food packages sold or distributed by them. Implemented by Government’s food licensing & registration system, FSSAI food license ensures that food products undergo certain quality checks, thereby reducing the instances of adulteration, sub-standard product and enhancing accountability of manufacturers. Preach Law LLP assist to its clients to procure FSSAI license online for both basic & central level and offline food license registration for the state level.

Legal Metrology under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is a mandatory registration for many businesses. The Legal Metrology Act in India minimizes ill effects of weight & measurement errors and brings transparency and accountability. The act specifies weighing and measuring standards, instruments, unit, & mandatory requirements with an objective to ensure accuracy and security of weights and measurements. Implemented with effect from 1st April 2011, the Legal Metrology Act was enacted with the objectives to establish and enforce standards of weights and measures, regulate trade and commerce in weights, measures and other goods which are sold or distributed by weight, measure or number and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Nature of Dispute

  • Selling food not of the nature or substance or quality demand.
  • Related to substandard foods.
  • Misbranding food.
  • Misleading advertisement.
  • Foods containing extraneous matter
  • Non-compliance of the direction of food safety officer.
  • Unhygienic or unsanitary processing or manufacturing of foods.
  • Possessing adulterant, unsafe good.
  • Interfering with sized items, false information.
  • Obstructing or impersonating a FSO
  • Carrying out a business without license.
  • Compensation in case of injury or death of consumer
  • Offence by companies and contravention of provision of FSSAI.

Our services

Legal Metrology registration can be applied in 3 capacities;

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Importer
  3. Packer

For products which pertain to weight & measurement like Weighing Machine fall under category of weight & measurement, need to take 5 stage registrations from LM department:

  • Model Approval
  • Packaged Commodity Registration
  • Import License

Implementation and Jurisdiction

The Government of India, Department of Consumer Affairs under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public distribution is responsible for defining and implementing Legal Metrology Standards in India. The Legal Metrology Act, 2009 was introduced under central jurisdiction as a model Act. Each state in India has a will to adopt the act with or without modifications. Some states in India have modified the act to regulate the issues and matters related to legal metrology.

Why does your business need legal metrology

The Legal Metrology Act defines certain standards and regulations on selling and distribution of packaged goods. This act also covers import and export goods. To conduct your business operations in an efficient & smooth manner and to establish consumer or buyer right protection, you need to comply with the Act.