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Vendor Agreement

A vendor agreement is an agreement (agreement is defined under section 2(e) of the Indian Contract Act,1872, which states that any promise or any set of promises which forms considerations for each other is called an agreement) which specify the conditions under which the work is to be performed by the vendor.

Here are the important clauses that you must include in your vendor agreement:

  • Goods and Services
  • Payment
  • Term
  • Indenity
  • Warranties
  • Liability
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Confidential Clause


  • A well efficient lawyer from our team shall contact you, and explain you the total process, and will understand the need of Vendor agreement.
  • Once the objectives of the Vendor agreement are clear, the lawyer shall draft a sample of Vendor agreement.
  • The draft of Vendor agreement shall be sent to you, for your review.
  • Once you approve it, it shall be served to the other party.
  • The whole process takes around 3-4 working days.